We reliably import beef, pork and lamb from 100 packers
in 15 countries maintaining close relationships with them.

Beef (Frozen/Chilled)

Frozen and chilled beef with high quality and customized specification from Australia, New Zealand, USA and a few countries of South America.

Pork (Frozen/Chilled)

Frozen, chilled and portion pork products from Mexico, North America and Europe.

Lamb (Frozen)

High quality frozen lamb from Australia and New Zealand.


Suradon is the chilled pork of Shilla International's own brand from Mexico which has superior flavor and quality compared to Korean domestic pork.


We supply frozen and chilled beef products of Nolan Meat that started business in Gympie, Australia in 1958 and has been supported by 700,000 consumers from 9 countries and certified by MSA(Meat Standard Ausralia).